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lowcountry voodoo

"Voodoo is definitely a charming, local cultural phenomenon worth preserving, as is the entire Gullah culture, language, and more—such an asset to the Lowcountry, and uniquely our own.”

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New Orleans and Haiti are not the only "ground zeros" of voodoo. Historic Beaufort, S.C. (where the author lives) is home to a rich history of voodoo culture and conjurors. From the ancient knowledge of the Gullah-Geehee on St. Helen's Island to avowed voodoo Sheriff James McTeer, this book shares the serious, silly, spooky, believable, unbelievable, and amazing influences of voodoo on the Lowcountry.




ST.HELENA ISLAND, SC- From ground zero of voodoo in the lowcountry of South Carolina comes LOWCOUNTRY VOODOO A-Z by noted historical facts author Carole Marsh Longmeyer.  From Asphidity Bags and Boo-Hags to Hippity-Hoppity Hearts and Voodoo Taboo, this compelling compendium is the real lowdown on all things lowcountry voodoo.


The author, a Beaufort County resident (“at the crossroads of the May River, mayhem and magic!”), was inspired by historical—and current—stories told to her by men and women, black and white, old and young, of St. Helena, Port Royal, Beaufort, Bluffton, Hilton Head, and all around the area.  “EVERYONE seems to have had some kind of voodoo experience and is eager to talk about it!”


What fascinated the author was the respect for the spiritual voodoo tradition of the Gullah and their devotion to saving and sharing the old ways.  But what flabbergasted her was the powerful connection between voodoo and scientific fact and psychological powers—also, how pervasive voodoo activities continue to be today in the lowcountry.


“It’s our own special history,” says Carole Marsh Longmeyer, “with unique charms that cast a spell on our imaginations.  Voodoo can be for good or for evil, of course, but learning about its history, current practices, unique vocabulary/tools/methods, and the sources for all YOU need to voodoo was ever so much fun.  I made a lot of great new friends writing this book!”


LOWCOUNTRY VOODOO A-Z is available at Barnes and Noble, Macintosh Books, Two Sisters,,, E. Shaver and The Book Lady in Savannah and many other outlets.  The author will be speaking and signing books in Beaufort, Bluffton, Savannah and other places in October and November.


About Carole Marsh Longmeyer: With more books on than any other author, more than 100 mysteries in print, and endless other fiction, as well as non-fiction titles to her name, this author is a mainstay in school and public libraries, museums, and bookstores. Learn more at 


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carole marsh

Portraying a Voodoo Queen, Author Carole Marsh Longmeyer examines a potion.

carole marsh

Author Carole Marsh Longmeyer holds a book of spells and potions!

carole marsh

Author of Lowcountry Voodoo A to Z burns a candle in a local cemetery.

lowcountry voodoo


"Another winner for Carole Marsh. She brings a sense of fun and respect to some pretty spooky stuff."

- Kathy D., Bluffton Books Reader

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